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Guiding You Through The Complexities Of Military Divorce

The members of our armed forces, as well as their spouses and significant others, face a challenging life to ensure the safety of our country and to support a community that allows such a resilient fighting force.  At the end of the day, they are still people who face the same issues that others face, although with more stress and necessarily more poise.

The Federal government employs more laws into the relationship of military members and their families than in any other sector.  These laws intersect with several state laws in vastly different ways. At The Law Office of Jon D. L. Leitenberger in Tuscan, I devote my practice entirely to family law issues and understand the complex nature of military divorces.

Helping You Find Resolution So You Can Move Forward

Whether it’s a divorce, a custody issue, a family support issue, or a need for an order of protection, any of these issues need to be approached understanding each of the military’s regulations, the federal laws, and Arizona’s local law. You deserve a veteran who speaks your language and has dealt with all of these issues.

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