A Trusted Guide For Family Law Matters

An Ally Dedicated To Your Divorce

At The Law Office of Jon D. L. Leitenberger, I focus on divorce and only divorce. Practicing one area of law grants me incredibly detailed knowledge of various procedures, laws and potential pitfalls. In what can feel like a dark time, you can rely on my counsel to guide you.

Serving clients in the Tucson metro area and elsewhere throughout Arizona, I handle issues such as:

As my client, you and your needs come first. When I represent you, my attention is not stretched thin by other areas of practice. Instead, I focus on your case as if it were my only one.

Simplifying Complex Asset Division

If you own multiple real estate properties, a small business, significant business interests or other complex assets, the property division process may be more difficult for you. I have hands-on experience working with clients to divide complex estates in accordance with Arizona’s community property laws. While adhering to these regulations, I also make sure to advocate for your best interests and make the process as simple as possible.

Communication On Which You Can Rely

Outstanding client service through responsive communication is one of my top values at my firm. If you have a question or concern about your divorce, you can reach out to me anytime and expect a swift response. I will not hand your issue over to an admin or a paralegal but will speak with you personally.

Reach Out For An Ally In This Difficult Time

When you need an ally to help you find your way through a divorce, I am here for you. You can contact me in Tucson to speak in greater detail about your life circumstances. Call 520-645-1930 or send me an email to reach me.