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Putting Your Children’s Best Interests First

You care about your child more than anything else in the world. You want what is best for them, and you want to spend as much time with them as possible. If you and your child’s other parent are going through a divorce, you may feel worried about how to protect your child’s best interests while upholding your rights as a parent.

This is a problem you do not need to address on your own. At The Law Office of Jon D. L. Leitenberger, I can help you. As a Tucson-based divorce attorney with extensive experience resolving complex cases, I can consult with you to determine a satisfactory outcome and then work tirelessly to achieve it.

Custody In Arizona: What To Know

If two parents do not reach a compromise regarding their parenting schedule, their case will proceed to family court. Judges weigh each side’s needs carefully, prioritizing the best interests of the child involved. You can expect the court to consider numerous factors when making a decision. Some of these include:

  • The child’s relationship with each parent
  • Each parent’s contribution to the rearing of the child
  • Each parent’s ability to provide for the child’s needs
  • The child’s involvement in school, church and other community activities
  • The child’s stated preference, in some situations
  • The presence of domestic violence, mental illness or substance abuse

In an appointment with me, we can sit down and discuss your relationship with your child and their other parent. We can develop a strategy to achieve the results you need and then take the steps to get there. I can give you a realistic idea of what to expect from your custody decision. We can also discuss how your custody arrangement may affect your child support.

Get Legal Help When It Comes To Custody

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