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Calm, Skilled Assistance With Child Support Issues

Determining child support is one of the issues that mothers and fathers find most stressful in a divorce. If you are the dependent parent, you want your child to receive as much financial support as possible. If you are the supporting parent, you want to pay for your child’s needs while ensuring that your own finances remain stable.

Either way, I can help you. At my law firm, The Law Office of Jon D. L. Leitenberger, clients in the Tucson area rely on me for calm, skillful counsel during their separations and divorces. Having handled many complex child support cases, I have the experience to assist you with the legal challenges you encounter.

What Affects Child Support In Arizona?

Every parent’s dynamics and finances are different. Family courts in Arizona understand this, so they do not use a one-size-fits-all approach to child support. Though judges do follow certain guidelines when issuing a decision, they also consider factors such as:

  • Each parent’s adjusted gross income
  • Each parent’s earning potential
  • The existing parenting schedule
  • The child’s health care expenses
  • The child’s educational expenses

Though you can find several DIY child support calculators online, these are not necessarily accurate. To receive an accurate assessment, you must sit down with a lawyer to go over the details of your situation. I know how our state’s child support guidelines work, so I can sit down with you to provide realistic expectations.

Do You Need Counsel Regarding Child Support?

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